November 24, 2008

Product Reviews- Would You Like My Opinion?

My blog, One House Schoolroom Reviews, is dedicated to giving family-friendly product reviews. I like to feature products made and/or sold by moms or mom-friendly companies. I am looking for interesting, educational, chic, trendy, hand-crafted or unique items specifically geared toward moms and children.

If you are a mom who makes or sells family-friendly items, please contact us for a review. We strive to provide recommendations on personally tested, quality products. We would love to work with you to share your products with a larger audience.

I very much enjoy sharing my solicited opinion on anything I can- and I often do!! My family and I love to try out new products, so if you have a product specifically geared toward families or moms and children of various ages, that you would like to have honestly reviewed, please email me at

If you know of a product that you would like an honest opinion on, please let me know and I would be glad to tell you what I think!!

My family consists of:
Chris and I have been married for almost six years. He is 38 years old and I am 32!!
Our children are:
Elijah- our little warrior- 7 years old
Abryanna- our little princess- 5 years old
We also have five nieces that like to get in on the action (and often do):
Lily- the blonde beauty- 5 years old
Sterling- our little cutie-3 years old
Emily- our tomboy- 2 1/2 months old
Mia Claire- our littlest darling- 2 year old
Elle- our newest blessing at only 2 months old.

You can visit our family blog- One House Schoolroom - for a more in-depth look at our family!!

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