February 27, 2009

Book Review- Irreplaceable by Stephen Lovely

On a windy April afternoon, a young woman bicycles along a stretch of Iowa highway. She's pedaling hard, hurrying to get home in time for dinner... So begins this extraordinary story about two families whose lives intersect forever in the aftermath of a tragic accident.

Stephen Lovely's debut novel, Irreplaceable, is the touching journey of Alex Voormann, a budding archaeologist whose beloved wife, Isabel, is struck and killed while on a bicycle ride near her home. Janet Corcoran, a 34 year old Chicago art teacher and mother of two young children enters this story as the grateful recipient of the heart Isabel selflessly donated, a decision made long before her untimely death.

Stephen Lovely brings life to the sterile, cold world of transplants as he thoughtfully weaves the tales of these two families together, forever connected in love and heartache and he truly captures the depth of emotions that spawn from the loss of one beautiful life allowing another the chance to live.

The characters in this story are full and rich with emotions as Lovely thoughtfully explores all angels of this impossibly emotional situation. The raw, real emotions allow readers to truly experience the depth of pain and the highs of joy that are a part of such an amazing journey of life. This would be a wonderful addition to anyone's library and a truly amazing beginning for Stephen Lovely.


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