February 2, 2009

Skin MD Natural with SPF15 Review

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know that I recently fell and injured my ankle, requiring a semi-cast and crutches for a few weeks. SO much fun!! I have skin that becomes naturally dry in the winter normally and after I spent a few weeks without moving, washing (or shaving) my poor leg- it looked horrible. I was shocked by the dry, flaking skin and it began to itch constantly.

I tried all the lotions we had at home, hoping for some relief. Then I remembered that I was sent a bottle of the new Skin MD Natural lotion to review. I found the bottle and started using it daily- overnight the dry, itchy skin was gone and was replaced by smoother, much softer skin. I used it everyday for a week and the skin looked better and better everyday. I was so thankful that I had been given the opportunity to try this product and I was all the more excited to share it with all of you.

What is Skin MD Natural??

It's a totally new, revolutionary product in the skin care world. Our skin is subjected daily to irritants that invade our pores and rob our skin of it's natural moisturizers.

Skin MD Natural is a "Shielding Lotion" which is quickly absorbed into your skin allowing the outer skin to become a hydrating invisible shield. Irritants are kept OUT and moisture is kept IN making it the perfect dry skin care product. And it's great for all skin types- it gives the deep moisturizing that you need without the greasy feel of most normal lotions.

To Buy:

You can purchase Skin MD Natural online via their website or at many local pharmacies. They are so certain you will be pleased that they offer a unconditional guarantee on all bottles of Skin MD Natural.

We give Skin MD Natural a BIG


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