March 17, 2009

Piano for Preschoolers Review

We were recently given the opportunity to review a great program- Piano for Preschoolers. We were given a piano from my mother-in-law over a year ago and I have been trying to find a method of teaching my children the basics of the piano with no luck. Piano for Preschoolers is a fun, interactive, and most importantly- simple way to introduce the piano to young children.

From the Piano for Preschoolers website:

The Piano for Preschoolers beginner piano music teaches children to read real music notes and to play them on real keys from the very start. While the color coding guides them, the kids are actually seeing and playing real music. These beginning piano lesson plans simply allow children to learn music at a younger age. The benefits of music education for children are numerous and can last a lifetime.

Our Experience:

We had such amazing results with Piano for Preschoolers- in fact my little princess is sitting at the piano right now, tinkering out "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" all by herself. I think the reason that we enjoyed this systems so much is that it gave my children immediate results. They were playing a song that they recognized in the first lesson.

They loved the color coding of the keys- it is such a simple way to help them associate the written music with the keys on the piano. The songs are all favorites of my children, so they were excited with each lesson to find out which "new" song they would be able to play.

My son, who is 6, enjoyed the lessons, but then spent lots of time just playing the piano on his own- which was something he did not enjoy doing before beginning the program. My daughter, who is 4, continually practices all the songs she has learned and takes such pride in showing her family how well she can play the piano.

We are thrilled with this product and we would recommend it to anyone with small(ish) children who are looking for a good way to introduce the piano to their young learners!!

To Buy:

You can purchase the Piano for Preschoolers program through their website. Go check it out and start your little one on the path to a fulfilling music education.

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