April 16, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Review- WeE-Books

The Old Schoolhouse has done it again!! In addition to the wonderful resources it offers to homeschool parents through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and their great new Digital Edition, they have now created a series of WeE-books™, chock full of valuable information at the very low price of only $1.95 each.

These simple, effective homeschool helpers are amazing time savers. They are easy to digest in one sitting and the wide array of unique topics makes them a valuable addition to all parents libraries.

There are currently over 30 topics to choose from including: Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking, Career Exploration for the High School Student, Getting to the Root of Writers Block, The "Me Time" Myth, and so many more.

I had the privilege of reading these great WeE-books™:

Simplifying Classical Education By Andrea Newitt

This WeE-Book™ will calm your fears and show you an easier way to utilize the Classical Education method in your household. You can feel confident in your ability to teach your children utilizing this technique.“Classical education can be as simple as reading a book aloud or learning a new subject along with your children.”Don't allow your fears of not being able to do it all to force you to miss out on an amazing educational journey with your children. In her book, Andrea Newitt covers topics such as:

  • The Great Books
  • Latin
  • Logic
  • Rhetoric

She will help you realize that you do not have to be just like all of the other families using Classical Education; it is okay to not cover everything “by the book.” After reading this WeE-Book™, you'll never look at Classical Education the same way again.

Living in a Castle or Life as a Single? By Gena Suarez

“Being married is wonderful. Being single is just as wonderful . . . To be discontent with my status, whether married or unmarried, is the same as shaking my angry fist at God.”Do you know a young, single woman who needs to hear this message?With humor, honesty, and wisdom, the author shares from her heart, the struggles and stubbornness of her life as a single teen on a mission to be married—to the perfect man of course!

  • Did Gena get what she asked for—the prince and the castle?
  • Did God give her the desire of her misguided heart?
  • What lessons did she learn?
  • Would she do it all over again if she could?

Praise God for His mercy, patience, and guidance for gals like Gena; and praise Him for those unmarried gals off in the fields, reaping a glorious harvest!

A Light Unto My Path By Donna Rees

Here's an easy and effective approach to a Bible study for the word light. You can add a very meaningful element to your light (or another) investigation by following a few basic steps . . .

  • Meditate on His Word.
  • Gain understanding—doing a word study.
  • Enlightenment—God's Word expanded and illuminated in your heart and mind.

PLUS Copywork pages to get you going—thirteen ready-to-print Bible verses

Such as:“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” —John 8:12

I found these great little WeE-books™ to be not only informational but also inspiring in the very comfortable almost conversational way they were written. The facts were easy to digest and the messages stuck with me long after I finished reading them. These are the perfect fit for homeschooling parents who need daily or weekly encouragement or direction in their homeschooling journey.

To Buy:

WeE-books™ are available for purchase through The Old Schoolhouse Store. They are perfect if you're short on time or money- for the low price of only $1.95 each they are available for immediate download once your purchase is completed. Stop by The Old Schoolhouse Store today and pick one up.

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