July 21, 2009

Travel With Me Review and Giveaway!!


Travel with Me is a wonderful new company dedicated to making travel safer and more comfortable for travelers of all sizes. I was recently given the opportunity through Parent Reviewers to review a set of the JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases. We were so excited to try these, as we are hoping to make a big trip overseas soon and we know these will come in handy for us.


From their website:

Here at Travel With Me, we've learned that most airlines do not change the pillowcases between flights. Pillows often end up on the floor, and are loaded with dirt, germs and drool. Next time you travel, play it safe and slip a soft and comfortable JetHeads™ Disposable Pillow Case over your airplane pillow and rest easy knowing you and your children aren't napping where the last passenger just sneezed!

JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases are made of a soft and comfortable, non-woven fabric and come 2 to a pack. JetHeads™ are made in the USA.

In addition, Travel with Me has wonderful Down and Faux Down Travel Pillows. They are just the right size to easily take with you on any long trip.

My Thoughts:

I was wonderfully surprised with the softness and strength of the JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases. I was worried that they might be stiff or scratchy, but did not find either of these to be true. I tried one of the pillowcases on a little pillow my daughter has and she was so excited that she wanted to take a nap with it. She slept well and had no problems with it at all.

After her nap she decided to decorate her pillowcase with markers and had so much fun "designing" it that she then wanted to sleep with it for the next few nights. The pillowcase held up well through many nights and naps after that.

I know that I will feel better knowing that when we travel this is one less thing we have to worry about. Going on a long trip- especially overseas- with small children is a tough journey, but JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases allows me to rest easy knowing my children are protected and safe as they snooze on the plane.

To Buy:

You can purchase JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases at Travel with Me.com. Be sure to check out their other great travel products as well.

To Win:

We have two packs of JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases to give to two of our fabulous readers. To enter- please fill out the form below. Giveaway ends July 31 at midnight.

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