August 31, 2009

Web Design for Kids (and Curious Grownups) Review!


Web Design for Kids (...And Curious Grown-ups!) is a great program for introducing the basics of HTML to children. With the growth in blogging and home-based businesses, especially in the homeschooling world- these are vital skills for today's students.

Brian Richardson, a middle school computer literacy teacher, developed the Web Design for Kids program to capture the attention of his students and teach them a skill that will give them opportunities throughout their lives. The reaction of his classes was tremendous with many of his students creating their own web pages. His desire to share this valuable program with students all over the world led him to create the Web Design for Kids DVD.

This DVD makes learning fun with Mr. Richardson's upbeat and cheerful demeanor and his two wonderful student assistants. His passion for teaching comes through as he walks students step-by-step through creating the basics of an original webpage. Plus, there is no additional software to purchase. The programs used on the DVD are all included free with every Windows Operating System.


The DVD is approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes long and consists of seven chapters. Two preteen kids are on the DVD to keep you company and learn along with you! They actually ask a bunch of questions that (after 7+ years of teaching kids web design) I know will pop up in your child's mind!

Some of the subjects covered in the DVD are:
*The 10 Basic Lines of Code
*Coloring the Background and Letters
*Making Letters Move Across the Screen
*Designer Backgrounds
*Changing Fonts
*Adding Pictures

There is also a Bonus Chapter on File and Folder Management. Basic things like how to create a folder, how to save things inside the folder, what to do if you accidentally save something in the wrong place, and much more!

Although my pre-reader children were not able to try out this DVD (yet!!), I was so glad to watch and learn from Mr. Richardson myself. I have been fairly fluent in HTML for a while, but I was surprised to learn from the DVD as well. I love that Mr. Richardson tags "and curious grownups" to the end of his DVD title. I am sure that many blogging mom's would love to have the knowledge shared on this DVD to spruce up their blogs or even to create webpages for their families.

Here is a sample of the DVD for your viewing pleasure.

To Buy:

Web Design for Kids (and curious grownups) DVD is available on their website for the low price of $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping and handling.

Go purchase a copy for the budding web designer in your family!!

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