August 29, 2009

Hank the Cowdog Review!!


Thanks to the TOS Crew, I have another great product to share with you today. Hank the Cowdog is a series of books created by John Erickson over 26 years ago. Mr. Richardson wanted to create a story that could be enjoyed by the entire family. He understood the need for these stories to be funny, entertaining and have a good basic lesson in order to allow everyone to enjoy them. Thus, Hank the Cowdog was born. From his first story, written over 26 years ago to his newest adventure today, Hank has been winning the hearts of fans of all ages.

I had the opportunity to experience Hank the Cowdog for myself with his story of The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse, the wonderful Tales and Tunes from Hank the Cowdog CD and Tornado- the wildest Race and Chase Game Ever!!


Hank the Cowdog was an instant hit in our family. The Tornado Game started our adventures with Hank and we were hooked from the start. From the great compact size to the adorable game pieces, Tornado is our new family game night choice.

Aside from the fun of chasing Hank, Drover and the little buzzard pieces all over the game board, Tornado is great because it is travel friendly with all the pieces fitting nicely inside the board. It's a great distraction for little one's while waiting at the doctor office or in a meeting. It's quiet (except for the excited murmers from the little one's playing it) and easy to understand with no difficult directions or long explainations needed.

It's a race to be the first to get your three "characters" from the start to the finish. But watch out, your opponent is chasing you and may send you back to the start. And landing on a tornado space can send you flying in any direction! The only safe place is a finish space. And in this fast paced game it's truly, never over until it's over!

You can even take the TORNADO game with you on the road! Everything can be stored inside the folding plastic game board!

Hear "Drover's Tornado Safety Song." Drover's funny song is included on your free 30 minute cassette tape from Hank's award winning audio, The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado.

  • 1 plastic playing board
  • 12 "characters"
  • tornado spinner
  • instructions
For 2-4 players/ Ages 5+

My little guy fell in love with Hank from the beginning- even asking if I could get him "Hank" for his birthday this Sunday. He thoroughly enjoyed the Tales and Tunes from Hank the Cowdog CD and has listened to it over and over. The different character voices John Erickson uses in his audio recordings truly bring the stories to life.

The CD contains excerpts from 10 different Hank stories as well as 9 original songs. The "little taste" of each story makes you wonder what trouble is in store for Hank next.


We also very much enjoyed blending Hank the Cowdog's book #8 , The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse into daily reading schedule. Our nightly chapter readings were full of laughter as Hank got himself into one predicament after another. From poisoned bacon grease, to girls cousins, to Tuerto, one mean horse- Hank never gives up and always manages to come out on top.

From the back cover:

Things are looking pretty bleak for Hank the Cowdog. First he gets sick on poisoned bacon grease. Then he accidentally trips Sally May-and she ends up with a broken ankle. And if that’s not bad enough, he gets stuck playing dress-up with Amy and Ashley, Little Alfred’s cousins.

But when Turto the Killer Stud Horse breaks free and charges at the girls, Hank knows it’s up to him to protect them. He’ll show that one-eyed horse who’s boss-even if it means risking his own life!

I am so glad we were introduced to Hank, Drover and all their friends. The stories are hilarious and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them to my little ones. We can't wait to see what trouble Hank gets into next!!

To Buy:

Hank the Cowdog products can be purchased on their website.

They are currently available at the following prices:

Tornado Game- $12.99
Tales and Tunes CD- $3.00
Hank the Cowdog Books- Paperback- $4.24/ Hardback- $12.49

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