March 8, 2010

Book Reviews- Snow Takes the Checker & Quickly: The Magic Spatula

Our home can often be mistaken for a library with our huge assortment of reading materials.  We have books everywhere as we believe reading is such an important part of learning and a wonderfully entertaining activity.  I am always on the lookout for quality, educational books to share with my children.  Imagine my delight when just such books recently appeared in my mailbox.  Thanks to Parent Reviewers I received two wonderful books that are now a treasured part of our large reading collection.

Snow Takes the Checker by Demi Knight Clark

An exciting and entertaining story of a horse named Snow who grew up racing and truly loves his sport.  His best friend, Tuga, is a race turtle who shares Snow's love of racing.  The story is delightful as we watch Snow and Tuga race against some tough competition.  With the beautifully colored illustrations and the undertones of good sportsmanship and friendship, this book is a winner from start to finish.

The first installment in the "Snow" series can be purchased on their website.  You can also pre-order other great tales of "Snow" that will be coming soon.  For more enjoyment you can also become Snow's friend on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

Quickly: The Magic Spatula by Jeryl Abelmann & Miriam Kronish

Isn't is amazing how our senses have memory?  Just a whiff of a familiar aroma can transport us to another time and place, a memory full of colors and feelings.  Such is the case for Quickly: The Magic Spatula.  This charming story of the love that is created in the kitchen, the heart of the home, truly captures an innocence rarely seen in today's busy world.  From the beautiful illustrations with colors and patterns reminiscent of a time gone by to the dedication of a mother, Mommy, who found her fulfillment in caring for her family, this book is one to treasure.

Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Quickly: The Magic Spatula is more that just a storybook.  This book also includes blank pages in the back encouraging children to pen their own memories to treasure for years to come.  Complete with a glossary of definitions and a recipe for Mommy's Silver Dollar Pancakes, this book is one that encourages the reader to remember to treasure the small things and to savor memories of the past forever.

Quickly: The Magic Spatula can be purchased at your local bookstore as well as some online retailers.  The website also includes a place to submit your story to share with Quickly as well as Quickly's Quintessential Questions- a few study questions related to the book. 


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