November 30, 2008

Two Thumbs Rating Scale

Here is a quick and easy guide to understanding our Rating Scale. We know you trust us to give you fair and honest reviews of the products we share on this blog. For that reason, we have created our Two Thumbs Rating Scale to give you a quick view of our assessment of the products we have reviewed.

The scale is as follows:

Two Thumbs Up

This is awarded to products that we fully support and encourage our readers to purchase. We have tested the products ourselves and we feel that they are high quality, well constructed, fairly priced products.


One Thumb Up

This is awarded to products that we tested and found that we liked overall but we have some concerns about encouraging our readers to purchase. This could be because we felt it was not as well made as it could have been, we had trouble using the product, or we felt that it was unfairly priced.


Two Thumbs Down

This is awarded to products that we were not impressed with at all. This would be products that are either poorly constructed, hard to use or unusable, or very unfairly priced.

All of our reviews include information that explains our rating of that particular product in full detail. Please contact us if you have any questions about the rating of any of our reviews.

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