December 3, 2008

The Giftionizer Review and Giveaway!!

I have another product to share with you today... it is the perfect time of year for the Giftionizer- your complete Gift Giving Organizer.

The Giftionizer™
A Gift Planner, Stationery and Greeting Card Organizer --All in One!

The Giftionizer is perfect for instantly organizing your entire gift giving essentials! Just the right thing for new brides, moms, teens or anyone who loves to gift and correspond creatively! Filled with creative ways to express your feelings, it also tells you what to say when you're at a loss for words.
The system includes a durable all in one planner/card storage booklet, starter pack of greeting cards, Gift Tracker Pad, Gift Giving List, sturdy handled carrying bag.

My Experience:

I am truly amazed at the Giftionizer- I have never been one to be super organized, but I LOVE lists- I am a list-fanatic. The Giftionizer takes Gift Giving and List Making to a whole new level.

When I first opened the book, I noticed what a high quality, durable book it was and it has a really large, flexible spiral binding to allow for LOTS of good information to be tucked inside it's covers.

The first section of the Giftionizer is the Gift Profiles- a place to store all of your closest family and friends information including sizes, favorites, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and of course a place to keep track of their individual birthdays and anniversaries. This section alone could revolutionize your shopping and gift giving experience.

The next section is the Card Planner- a place to record birthdays by month and a handy pockets section divided by months to hold your greeting cards once they are purchased. This section also holds the Gift Giving List which is a spiral bound notepad to help you plan who you need to buy for and what you intend to purchase.

Next comes the Card Organizer section- a place to put the greeting cards you have pre-purchased divided by categories such as Anniversary, Birthday, Get Well, New Baby, Thank You and many more. This also has great information such as appropriate gifts for each year anniversary and traditional birthstones. This section also hold the Gift Tracker which is a place to record the gifts you have received, the occasion, and a check off Thank You card reminder.

The last section is for Addresses and Sources- a place to keep handy all those addresses and even a business card holder for your favorite stores to shop for gifts. There are also additional pockets for Gift Cards and Certificates, Odds and Ends to make your gifts even more special, and Stamps- so you'll never be without.

ALL of that included in this one book- AMAZING isn't it!!

Here are some of the Features and Benefits of the Giftionizer:

Product Features:
What you get:

Booklet featuring 4 sections:
  • Gift Profiles – 16 entries for recording personal gift giving information – i.e. sizes, favorites, memorable gifts
  • Month by Month Card Organizer – 1 pocket per month to store cards for the month
  • All Occasion Card Organizer – 12 pocket to store all occasion cards
  • Addresses/ Sources – 60 VIP address entries, 6 gift and business card sleeves, 4 pockets for stamps, stickers and miscellaneous accessories
  • Durable covers and inside laminated pockets with coordinating plastic spiral bind8.5” X 9” – to expand to hold contents

Creative information and tips from America’s leading gift giving expert Robyn Freedman Spizman are printed through the organizer. Topics include:

  • The Perfect Present Rules
  • Gift Messages and Ideas for adding Pizazz to gifts
  • Birthstones and traditional anniversary gifts
  • What to Say and How to Sign Your Card for occasions such as such as Thank you, Sympathy, Get Well and New baby

2 List Pads

  • Gift Giving List – tracking gifts to give, when purchased9” X 4.5” 16 page spiral top wire bound color list pad with cardboard backing
  • Gift Tracker – tracking gifts received and thank you notes sent 9” X 6.25” 20 page tear off full color list pad with cardboard backing

Sturdy clear heavy duty plastic zippered bag with carrying handles - 10” X 9.5” X 4.75

Product Benefits:

  • Organize and plan your gifts, greeting cards and more!
  • Create a gift profile record about each family member and friend
  • Learn creative new ways to express your thoughts
  • Save money by planning gift purchases
  • Keep track of gifts you have given or received
  • Record and send thank you notes in a timely manner
  • Store your note writing accessories, stamps and stickers
  • Never miss recognizing an important occasion again!
  • Make good use of your time by taking it with you wherever you go!

About the Creators:

Robyn Freedman Spizman, one of the most recognizable gift-giving experts today. She is a well known media personality having appeared extensively on television and radio as a gift giving expert including CNN, Headline News and NBC’s Today Show. She has authored many how-to-books including The Giftionary: An A-Z Reference Guide For Solving Your Gift Giving Dilemmas Forever! This book was the inspiration for this new product - The Giftionizer.

Amy Bergin, a stay at home Mom of three created a product called - The Couponizer® – an organizing and shopping system for grocery and other coupons. Her product made its national debut on QVC’s Decade of Discovery Product Search Tour and has had several successful airtimes since then. Named “The Hottest Coupon Accessory” on the market by, her system is fast becoming the system of choice for saving money and stabilizing spending.

I recommend that everyone go buy a Giftionizer this Holiday Season and take your Gift Giving Organization to a whole new level.

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  1. I too am a list fanatic! I definitely need a way to keep track of all my lists. Fingers crossed on winning this ideal-sounding product.

  2. I would definitely benefit from the card organizer section...I always buy cards, then put them somewhere "safe" until the occasion, then I can never find where I put them.

  3. This is the area I need the most help. I just can't seem to keep all this in one area. Thanks for the great review and chance to win one!

  4. Great review--I'm convinced I need one!
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  5. Happy Holidays,
    Your review is great. There site is pretty cool and has lots of gift ideas. Right now I use my calander with b'days weddings anniversary dates etc.. I would love to win this giveaway. thanks

  6. This is a great idea! I love giving gifts (much more so than receiving) but always overbuy. this would help me keep track of what I am purchasing for whom

  7. Nothing makes me happier than remembering someone's birthday in time for a card or a small gift - this would be the perfect asset!

  8. What a great product...especially for a busy mom!! There's nothing I love more than organization (well...except my family!)...this prodcut ouwld be put to great use in our home!!! Thanks for another awesome review!

  9. I've been struggling for years to get a better system for maintaining my ever growing list of people I send cards to, birthdays to remember, gift ideas for everyone. . . this looks like it would make my life so much easier, having everything streamlined and in one centralized location! I'm horrible about not remembering to transfer important dates from the old calendar to the new one, for instance. So this would be a great time (and information) saver.

  10. This would be so helpful, I'm always afraid I'm going to give someone the "perfect gift" twice! That or miss an important birthday.


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