December 10, 2008

Sassafras Review and Giveaway!!

We have a fun and fabulous product to share with you today. Sassafras Enterprises offers top quality children's cooking and baking products, musical instruments, room decor and more. You will find a wonderful selection of products sure to delight children of all ages.

Sassafras started out of the home. Back in 1977, the company was born with the introduction of a Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Kit. This kit was the first one for pizza marketed directly to the consumer. Before that time, if one made pizza at home, they had to use a cake pan! This humble product sowed the seeds for what would become a company dedicated to the development of innovative, well-designed products for the home, with an emphasis on kids.

Currently they have the best selection of kids baking products on the market. This category began with the Kids Pizza Making Kit. Now, Sassafras offers a wide range of baking kits as well as soft goods, tool kits and a silicone baking kit. All of their food products are gourmet-quality and U.S. made with an emphasis on great taste and ease of preparation. They believe strongly that there is a resurgence in home cooking and kids are leading the way!

My Experience:

Sassafras recently sent us a wonderful Fairy Princess Magic Cookie Kit to review and it was the yummiest review we've done thus far. When we opened the box and pulled out the bag my little one just squealed with delight. She believes that she is a Fairy Princess and this was a very fitting kit for her.

We unpacked the bag and pulled out the directions card found in the front of the bag. This is what we read:
If you are a fairy princess
Or just like the way they dress
Then wave your magic wand
And create cookies from beyond!

But please remember just one thing:
A fairy princess has to sing
So work your magic as you bake
And sing or hum for goodness sake

Now take a bowl and add the mix
It's as simple as playing pick-up-sticks
Next blend the butter and water too
And make yourself a gooey-goo

Say magic words, but please don't blink
Watch as your dough turns incredibly pink
Then roll it out with your rolling pin
Nice and flat, just not too, too thin
Now make some stars like in the sky
Use your cookie cutter and don't ask why
On a cookie sheet put each perfect star
Place them not too near and not too far

Now you need a grown-up princess or prince
It's not such hard work, they really won't wince
They should open the oven and put in the sheet
Please wait ten minutes for this magical treat

Once the cookies cool, add your magical touch
With some icing and fairy dust
... just not too much
Then call in all the fairies for a special treat
And feed them pink cookies to eat so sweet

That was all it took for my little one to be delighted. As we continued to unpack the bag we found a pouch of cookie mix, a pouch of pink icing, a small pouch of "fairy dust", a star cookie cutter and a fairy wand. My little one was ready to get started immediately:

We began by mixing the cookie dough in a big bowl and were amazed to find that it turned a princess pink color.

We then let the dough sit in the fridge for about an hour before we began cutting out our stars:

We put them in the oven for just over 10 minutes and then came out as beautiful star cookies:

We then had to let them cool... not the most fun part!! But once they were cool, we iced:

and sprinkled:

We were really impressed with our finished product. My sweet girl did such a good job- this was her first (almost) solo attempt at baking and the baking kit made it so easy for her. She was really proud of her cookies:

And then of course we had to taste them and we found out they were REALLY yummy!!

I thought the Princess Fairy Baking Kit was fabulous. The cookies tasted great and my daughter had a blast baking and eating her very own Fairy Star cookies.

To Buy:

Sassafras Baking Kits are available online. They have a huge selection, so go find the perfect one for the special little people on your gift list.

To Win:

Sassafras has generously donated a Kid's Baking Kit of your choice to one of our lucky readers in our 15 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

We give Sassafras Baking Kits a very Yummy
Read more about our Rating Scale here.


  1. Thanks for the great review. I'm going to have to buy a kit for my daughter. She loves helping in the kitchen! I like that they have refills for the kits also!

  2. The pics of your daughter and the finished cookies say it all--this is a great kit!
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  3. She did a great job with those cookies! They honestly look like ones you would buy in the store.

  4. What a great review! Thanks for the excellent review! And those cookies look scrumptious!

  5. Beautiful cookies !! Look like they could be on the cover of a magazine.

  6. This is one of the neatest companies I've seen online. There are so many things I want to buy, it's not funny.

  7. What great products. I thought the Valentine cupcake kit was something any child would love to get

  8. That would be the perfect gift for my neice!

  9. These are some of the best toys I've seen in a long time! Your daughter's cookies look fabulous.

    cindy @ fencedinfamily dot com

  10. That looks pretty cool. I like the poem that comes with it.

  11. My lil'uns are all about being helpers in the kitchen, so they'd go wild for the kit in this giveaway!

    They instantaneously fell in love with everything on the site. And if I were a rich mommy, I'd have to get 'em one of each!

    I love the bright, vivid colors of all the kids products, and the amazing selection of animals available! I'm sure someone would be able to find something to suit the taste of ever little person on their gift giving list!


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