August 27, 2009

Les Mess Review


Leslie, owner of the Les Mess company, is dedicated to helping to families get control of the mess in their lives and get organized. The Les Mess company has created great resources to help every family conquer the clutter in their homes.

Les Mess Game for Children (from their website):

Les Mess, organizing cards for kids (ages 5-12), will help get their room and your house organized and clutter-free.

Shuffle the cards, pick one and do what is on the card. Each card has a time limit on it. If you finish in time you get a prize (Mom and Dad do this part), and there are cards with ideas of great prizes. These prizes do not bring more clutter into the house.

These organizing cards teach children to put things away, what to keep and what to toss. They will learn through getting organized, how to sort and will create a habit of picking up every day. After all, isn’t teaching our kids how to be organized and clutter-free a part of being a parent…and sometimes learning should be fun too! It's NOT just a game, it's a way of life.

Les Mess Game for Men (from their website):

Does your man (husband, partner, lover or boyfriend) help you with the chores while complaining all the way? I have the perfect solution for him.

I have created Les Mess for MEN. These cards offer him a choice, if he picks the right card. It could be a chore, a chance to play Golf, get out of the dog house for FREE, or a night with the boys. Or, if you prefer, I have included blank cards for YOU(the wife, partner ,lover or girlfriend) to add your own chore to.

The game is simple, pick a card, do what is on the card, and then turn it over…there is something on the back you have to do too---(very easy and lots of fun!)Every man and woman will enjoy these cards…and your house will be a home, organized and clutter-free!

My Experience:

Our children are pretty good about keeping their rooms clean and making their beds on a regular basis, but getting them to do additional chores around the house has proven to be a bit of a challenge. When I received the Les Mess Card Game for children I was hoping it might help motivate my little ones.

We opened the box and started "playing" right away. Within minutes I had my children organizing their toys and closets and taking out the trash. They had so much fun with the game they didn't even realize that they were doing work. The Les Mess Card Game has totally revamped the way we approach chores with our children. We have even made extra cards that cater to our particular needs as a family and they have blended right into the game.

I recommend the Les Mess Card Game for anyone needing a boost in motivation or needing a creative way to introduce chores to children (or husbands).

To Buy:

You can purchase the Les Mess Card Game for Children or any of the other great organization products at

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