August 27, 2009

Quarter Mile Math Review!!


Being a part of the TOS Crew has given me the opportunity to review some of the best homeschool products on the market. The product I have to share with you today is one of my favorite products thus far. The Quarter Mile Math program was created as a way for children to advance in mathematics whether schooling at home or in the public system.


The Quarter Mile Math program allows students of all ages and grade levels to complete mental math problems at the fastest rate possible. The student begins by choosing to race either a riderless horse or a car. When the race begins, a student is provided a math problem, as soon as the student answers correctly another problem appears. Correct answers accelerate speed of the car or horse that is racing in real time. The racer is competing against the previous five fastest times the student has performed. This allows the student (and parents) to see their progress race after race.

There are two versions of the Quarter Mile Math program- to suit the needs of every student.

The Standard Version is available on CD with prices ranging from $39.95 to $89.95 depending on the grade range. There are 7 different programs to choose from covering different grade ranges.

The Deluxe Version is available for the low price of only $2.95 for the entire family per month. It offers all 323 topics in the entire product line and all 70,000+ problems covering Kindergarten through 9th grade (pre-algebra). It also provides for additional student progress tracking features.

Check out the complete comparison of these two versions.

My children love playing on the computer so asking them to try out this great program was easy. From the beginning I knew this would be a new favorite in our house. Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed playing both the horse races and the car races although my little guy was hooked on the cars when he started.

It was great to be able to watch their progress as they began on the first topic and quickly moved up. They really liked being able to compete against themselves (their 5 fastest previous scores) and even if they lost the race, they didn't feel bad.

They both made great progress much quicker than I had first thought. My son has some special needs and I often wonder how new programs and curriculum items are going to work for him. This was a home run!! He loves math and this only increased his confidence and abilities. I know we will be using Quarter Mile Math as a supplement to our regular curriculum for years.


The Quarter Mile Math program is used in all 1,300 Sylvan learning centers across the US.

There are many, many testimonials by families and teachers who have used the Quarter Mile Math program for years and have seen amazing progress in their students.

Just for Homeschoolers!! There is now a great Just For Homeschoolers section of the Quarter Mile Math website with great tips, information, and suggestions for incorporating the program into your current homeschool curriculum. Coming soon there will be a User's Forum for even more great ideas and support. There is even a great Printable Progress Chart to help track your students achievements.

To Buy:

You can purchase any of the Quarter Mile Math programs on their website. You can also download a Free Demo.

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